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Most apps fail because teams don't make use of the right tools and markting channels to launch and grow. We have a proven track record of turning big visions into small steps, validating the idea every step of the way and reaching millions of users. We will show you how to do the same with your app or idea.

Who do we help?

Our service applies to companies and apps of every size and vertical.

Lot of teams struggle with cracking their growth strategy early on which ultimately can lead to failure. We find that often this stems from not knowing the source of friction with your app. Combining advanced data tracking, machine learning and UX analysis we magnify the root cause.
Launching can be one of the most critical moments in your app's lifecycle. A good launch can create the necessary momentum to excel your app into success and grow at phenomenal rates. We can share our insight into the process and steps that should be taken to create the perfect storm.
A development agency has taken a lot of your money but hasn't delivered on any of the promises. Unfortunately, this is the worst case scenario but it's all too common. We help correct course and find any way possible to get an MVP release with minimal resources.
It can be daunting when you're not too sure where to start. We can help turn your idea into actionable steps that focus on validation whilst building out your MVP the simplest way possible. Our process involves using existing tools where possible to start off with and not touch code unless absolutely necessary. We always think with growth in mind, working on a strategy from day 1.

Services that are built by creators for creators

We tap into various strategies to assist you to get to where you want to be

App Renewal

Your app is stagnating, failing to grow and starting to decline. Sometimes it's just bad ideas, but most of the time it's just a lack of a good strategy. We will help you develop better strategies to revive your app and give it the push it needs.

Machine Learning

A big part of our success is our use of machine learning and advanced analytics to properly utilise your apps data. It can help you better understand your users, create better forecasts and uncover hidden KPI gems.

Growth Hacking

We've built apps with multi-million users on a tiny budget. This is because we treat growth hacking as simply data driven revenue maximisation. It is not a hack but a methodology to utilise all the marketing channels available.

UX and UI Research

A great app needs to be intuitive, if an app has poor usability users will move on and look for alternatives. We research to pin point UX issues and recommend appropriate improvements to them.

Strategic MVP

You have a great idea and vision, and ready to build out your app, or you currently already are in the process of building one and running low on your budget. We can help you come up with a strategy that will allow you to validate your idea for the lowest budeet.

Technical Consulting

Part of a great app is ensuring the use of a scalable stack that doesn't build up technical debt. Our team consists of experienced developers that will be able to guide you through the selection process.

Why Us?

Why should I choose you

We are Creators. Just like you

We are innovators and creators, just like you. We have a proven track record of success with the apps we have built ourselves. We have been so successful with building apps that we get invited to Google at annual events discussing the Play Store ecosystem. Now we are focused in helping other creators make their apps better!

  • We have hit #1 in the App store.
  • We have built multiple multi-million user apps.
  • We have had our apps featured on lifehacker, androidworld, kotaku, business insiders etc.

We care. Because our Focus is improving your app

We have seen too many cases where people and businesses sink hundred of thousands of dollars into an app and have nothing to show for it. We want to change this and help maximize the true potential of an app or idea.

  • We are mentors at Sydney Incubate.
  • We have already helped many startups and businesses.
  • We have spoken at numerous events from Universities to private businesses.

We simplify the complicated. To save your money

Often at times an idea or app doesn't need to be complicated. By simplifying you get results quicker, so your money and time is not wasted. Our most successful apps have been overnight prototypes that showed proven results for us to build upon.

  • You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • You don't need to wait months to see the results.
  • Iterate fast and Release often

Some of Our Success Apps


#1 Overall in Appstore
6,000,000+ Users


#2 Music in Playstore
1,500,000+ Users


Global Tourist App with global parternships
90,000+ users


NSW Fuel App
10,000+ users


#4 Overall in Grossing


1,000,000+ Pings


Jacky and Daniel started Vylar Apps at 18 and spent the next three years building multiple multi-million user apps with no budget and no outside funding. Now they are more focused on helping businesses and entrepreneurs unlock the full potential of their apps. If you'd like to learn about their journey and how they turned an overnight prototype into 2 million users in 2 weeks,

Jacky Koh

Co-Founder, Data Scientist

Jacky Koh is a renowned data scientist, winning the EY Data Science competition for Australia at 21 and becoming the President of the Data Society at UNSW. Jacky also has extensive corporate experience outside of Vylar in consulting and data science working with IAG, EY, Horizon, Caltex, etc.

Daniel Vassilev

Co-Founder, Software Developer

Daniel Vassilev is a highly experienced developer and product manager with a lot of experience in turning a big idea into a feasible MVP, finding smart solutions to prototyping early on. He mentors startups at Incubate, one of Sydney's best accelerators.

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  • Email Us: contact@vylar.org
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